Worries Turned to Prayers

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

If you are like me, you are staying home most of the time. I confess that I have watched far too much cable news. I have found myself getting worried about this old world. I’m worried that those who are dying and those who would die, are going to do so without ever knowing Jesus as their Lord.

From there I began to worry about things that were absolutely none of my business. Not only could I not affect any of these things, but I was allowing those things to affect me. This is not good

Jesus said that we were not to worry. Not about what we would eat, what we would wear, or anything else. God knows that we need these things (Matthew 6).

What to do? Crank up the prayer line. “God, what else do I need that you want to give me?” Well, there are the obvious ones of joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control. But what do I do with those things? My life verse is and always will be “the joy of the Lord is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). But strength unused leads right to stress. What is the appropriate response for believers?

First, have the strength to do what you can and don’t waste your time trying to do what you can’t. I can’t visit, so I can call. This has been a real blessing to me. The sound of a human voice means so much during this time of being alone.

Second, every single person that I called to check up on to offer help, without exception, asked what they could do for me! What a blessing and what joy! If you want to be blessed pick up the phone and talk to folks! Don’t forget to talk to God after each call. Pray for them, ask God to protect them and care for them. Your prayer can be the most powerful and effective tool in this fight today! Plus, it makes you feel good. Prayer is the blessing that you get to give away and keep at the same time!

Third, there are a whole bunch of folks out there who need our prayers. Doctors, nurses, first responders, police officers, our military, all trying to keep us safe perhaps without everything that they need to do their jobs. Don’t forget to pray for their families too. Pray for our church staff! They are leading us in tough times. Let them know that you love them and support them.

Finally, pray for yourself! You need it! You are a warrior in this war that we are all fighting now. Put on the whole armor of God and get with it (Ephesians 6)! Step up and get the giant that’s all around us. Sometimes I know that you can feel like you shouldn’t pray for yourself because it is selfish. WRONG! The most selfless act you can do is praying for yourself. Pray!

And remember that God is still in charge! In the furnace, in the flood, and in the plague, He is standing beside you!

God bless you.

Pastor Bill


  1. kathleen W says:

    God bless, keep you both safe.

  2. Mary says:

    Thank you Bill I needed to read this today! Prayers to you and Lisa this day hope you are both doing well. Asking for prayers for Chadd’s brother in law, Cam he was the policeman shot yesterday, he is doing well and they sent him home, but having pain and I’m sure mental strain.