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Today’s Faith

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Photo by Zac Harris on Unsplash

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1

This is my life verse. It defines both who I am and what I believe. It gives direction and focus to my life and allows me to move forward when I cannot see anything before me.

Here’s a couple of things to help you out here.

First, faith must always be in something: it’s Faith in God in this case. Faith can never exist in a vacuum, nor can it exist alone. It is “Substance”. It is substantial, observable, and real.

Second, it knows what it hopes for. It has a clear goal that can be achieved. Faith is never “pie in the sky by and by”. Now, one thing that is tough is that Faith has no timeline other than the will and moving of God. It’s His time, His way, and waiting is tough for me. I can handle “No”, but “Wait” gives me all kinds of issues. I have learned in my life that when God says, “Wait” that I am to continue doing the last thing that he clearly told me to do.

Third, faith is evidence. It is real and presentable evidence that will stand up in the court of heaven and earth. It is provable and able to be seen by others around me.

Lastly, it is all about things not seen. Almost everyone knows that we walk by faith and not by sight, but not everyone knows what it means to walk. We just keep working forward, driving on, not stopping, not grasping what you can and having the certainty that God is giving you faith enough for today.

See, faith is like the manna from heaven. It is new every morning, and often will not carry through the night into the next day. Instead, you get a fresh supply every day that’s just what you need for that day. Don’t try to get through today on yesterday’s faith. Don’t hold on to what you don’t need. Just open your hands and grab what is given to you right now for right now. Have faith in God right now, because we will get through all of this time and be joyful in the days to come.

God Bless…