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God’s Porch Dog

Dog sleeping on the porch
Photo by Siddharth Kaushal on Unsplash

I lost my mind this past week, and then my wife found it in my black jeans. Seriously, I think that I am having senior moments. I lost my wallet and had just about recovered all the stuff there, but then I lost my phone. By the time we figured that out, it was dead and could not be located. I finally found it in my jeans, and I have zero ideas about how it got there.

I am becoming more and more like an old porch dog. Now, if you are countrified you know exactly what I mean. If you are from the city side, not so much.

A porch dog is an older dog who has staked out his turf on your front porch. Generally, he is in the sun but out of the wind. His job is to soak up the rays and bark at the UPS driver when and if he shows up. He’s done it all, dog-wise. He’s run with the pack, caught the raccoon, and ran off any number of critters from the hen house.

Now, while he is old and grey, he is by no means feeble. Just a little slower and wiser than the rest of the dogs. He might give voice to the pack, but no way is he gonna get up and join the chase. Been there and done that far too often. Besides, the sun is warm, and his human pack is here. Why give all that up for a few moments of glory?

You see, I turned 72 this week. My rheumatoid arthritis restricts me into my power chair, and I do enjoy sitting in the sun each morning as I drink my coffee and spend my time with Max Lucado and God. My prayer times get longer, and less about me and more about my pack. You might say, “My Labrador and my Terrier, they comfort me, and my Lisa lays a table for me in the presence of my friends and enemies alike.”

Sorry about that, but that’s how it is. I sit in the presence of whatever wisdom I have been allowed to accumulate, and feed on the word of my Heavenly Father. Yep, I still do a little counseling, but now it is more listening and questioning than offering advice. Time will do that to you.

Also, I feel zero need to chase the church possums. I have a Pastor to do that and he does a great job of that. I admit that I miss worshiping together and sitting with my brothers and sisters in the midst of Gods sunshine. Also, being the most hugged man on the face of the planet is a great life. I look forward to sitting on that porch again. So, for now, this old porch dog is gonna sit in the afternoon sunshine and enjoy God’s blessings. If I totally lose my mind, please look for it in that sunny spot on the porch.

God bless.

Pastor Bill