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Crying for America

Drawing by muffintop04 on WikiMedia.

I cried for America yesterday and today. This is truly a dark time of the soul for me. My values were used by others as a mask for violence. Five have died so far. One would have been too many, and it accomplished nothing.

This morning as I sat at the table with my coffee, I tried to find peace in my morning time with God. I am using Max Lucado book God is With You Every Day. Also, I have been reading in the New Testament and praying every morning. So far, the best part of waking up has not been in my coffee cup.

But, this morning, God spoke to me in a way He never has before. I turned the page on James one and found a sermon that I had written in the past. I have no idea when I wrote it. It has three main points:

  1. Each of us will face trials.
  2. Perseverance in those trials will lead to blessings.
  3. Never second guess God’s blessings,
    James 1: 1-18.

We all know that God is in charge. We also know that this past year has been a trial for all of us in one way or another. But could it be that 2020 was a blessing from God as well as a time upon His anvil?

There is an old Baptist Hymn that sings “Mold me and make me after thy will.” (Have Thine own way, Lord.) In the blacksmith’s shop, the anvil is where tools are beaten into shape and made for use.

First, the metal is heated in the forge until it glows red hot. Then, using tongs, the blacksmith places the metal upon the anvil and beats it into shape with a hammer. Often times, many trips to forge are required, each followed by hammering on the anvil. Finally, the finished product is quenched in either water or oils. This tempers the metal and gives it additional strength to fulfill its purpose.

Those who walk with Christ are in the smithy. It just might be that that is why we feel beaten, or burned in the fire. I believe that God is not finished with His people. We have more time in the forge, and more time on the Anvil. But, take heart brothers and sisters, we will be quenched. We will be made right for His purpose.

Every gift from God has a purpose: God’s purpose. Take heart and courage. For every time of testing, there is an end. For every war, there is a victory. And that end, that victory, is coming from God.

God Bless You.

Pastor Bill