A Friend in Need

Photo by Şahin Yeşilyaprak on Unsplash

One of the things we are experiencing now is so many are finding despair. Social distancing has set us apart from each other. God has made us a people who are supposed to interact, supposed to touch, and just be in each other’s lives. That’s one of the things I love about BCH. In regular times I am greeted with a hug and that is the first of many hugs. Most Sundays I feel like the most hugged man on earth.

But in a flash, all that changed: no hugs, no personal interaction, no joy of being in contact with my brothers and sisters. Now, let me say that I am so lucky to be with Lisa, my best friend, for she is a gift from God. But there are times I still feel lonely and I am not used to that.

Doctors tell us that isolation from others is a major contributor to despair which is a major contributor to suicide. In the past week, I have prayed for too many families experiencing this tragedy. Our returning soldiers fighting PTSD are told not to isolate themselves from their brothers and friends. Yet now they have been told that they must isolate themselves. Too many lose the fight.

The military has been fighting an epidemic of suicides before COVID-19. As a chaplain, we have trained and worked and just listened. Most duty chaplains have spent almost all their time in this area.

This thing isn’t over by a long way. Unemployment and a feeling of helpless hopelessness await so many of the people that we know. But this is also a time of great hope for those who walk with Jesus Christ. If we are willing to listen and reach out to those around us, we can make a difference.

The Bible says that perfect love casts out fear. And that’s what we must give; the perfect love of God. There has never been a better time nor reason to share. There has never been a more ideal time to just be in contact with your neighbors and friends. So, buy someone a cup of coffee, you can stay the right distance across the table. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Then, call that person to follow up. You don’t know that you might be saving a life, maybe even your own life!

God bless.


  1. Jacie Zahler says:

    Great message pastor Bill!! It is a great reminder to think of ways that we can be kind to one another, to help others feel less isolated. An act of kindness can still feel like that hug we are all missing. ❤

    • Pastor Bill says:

      Thanks Jacie.